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Jewelry Care

yellow 1/4" silver core   all items packaged in jewelry pouch with card  1 bead bracelets  

TO VIEW THE TRUE DETAIL OF YOUR FLOWER INCLUSION PIECE - view in natural sunlight or try illuminate by shining a flashlight on it, or even use a magnifying glass! Fluorescent lighting is not ideal for viewing the full beauty or color of your piece.


For Flower Inclusion Portion:
Waterproof finish should only require buff with soft cloth. Rub with water, soap if needed , and rinse. Not recommended to expose to extreme heat or wear in spa, sauna. Allow perfumes, lotions and hairsprays  to dry before putting on jewelry. As with any jewelry, use caution or remove when working around bleach, chlorine or other harsh chemicals - store jewelry in cloth long term . Please DO NOT USE JEWELRY CLEANER /DIP on flower bead .

For Sterling Silver Portion:
Buff with Sunshine Polishing Cloths or similar. Rub with water or soap and water for occassional tarnish. Silver paste type cleaner is also fine. (baking soda paste or toothpaste also work on heavy tarnish)

Please contact us if you think your finish is damaged as this can usually be fixed or replaced.

Should you ever damage your finish a piece can always be refinished, or a new piece can be made (we keep your petals on file). If you have damage that is a defect, it would, of course, be fixed at no charge; email to discuss.

Contact us if you have any questions regarding the proper care of your piece. email: KeepsakeJewelryArt@charter.net