Preserve Funeral and Wedding Flowers in Jewelry - - Preserve Pet Fur, Hair, Ashes and more!
Save Flowers, Pet Fur, Hair, Ashes, Fabric and more In Jewelry and Keepsake Items

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From Flowers to Beads
            Flower petals (and/or ashes, fur, sand, bits of fabric, etc.) made into beads!

                3/8" silver core bead on chain    
3/8" bead $80 on chain $105

silver core bead 1/4"   
Silver Core Beads / Pandora Style 1/4" $80

silver core bead 1/4"     
Silver Core Beads / Pandora Style 1/4" $80

silver core bead 1/4" 
Silver Core Beads / Pandora Style 1/4" $80

pandora style flower keepsake bead

Silver Core Beads / Pandora Style 1/4" $80     

silver core bead 3/8"

silver core beads 1/4"

1/4"" bead $80      

hammered pendant/keychain 
 hammered silver keryring   $112   

 hammered silver keryring or round pendant keyring

drop pendant on chain             
           silver drop pendant  $110/on chain $135  

   drop bead pendants    

           drop pendants $110/$135 on chain  

    all items packaged in black jewelry pouch with card     
           all items packaged in black velvet pouch with descriptive card  

  letter opener
  letter opener $110

      custom order pieces  
                                                                                                      custom filled pendants           

            bracelets     bracelets

     1 bead bracelets $140 (includes decorator side beads)

      bracelets      white petals only/white with dark mix   shamrockbracelet
                1 bread bracelets $140          

3-bead flower keepsake bracelet   
3 bead/all beads same $205  

3 bead

3 bead bracelet/all beads different $240                        



                 1 bead bracelet - $140                3 bread bracelets $205/$240  


 3/8" rounder/wider $80/on chain $105


letter opener

                                                                            Money Clip $90    

circle in square pendant  hammered silver pendant

  hammered silver pendant  $110/on chain $135                        

 cufflinks $125    


 flower keepsake wine bottle stoppers
  Wine Bottle Stoppers $80

 flower keepsake ornament  

      hanging ornament $75