Jewelry Care

For the Inclusion Portion:

The waterproof finish should only require a light buff with a soft polishing cloth. Allow perfumes, lotions, and hairspray to dry before putting on jewelry. If there is residue on your jewelry, rub with water (add a tiny bit of dish soap if needed) and rinse. We do not recommend exposing it to extreme heat such as in a hot tub, spa or sauna. Do NOT use jewelry cleaner or dip to clean flower keepsake portion.

For the Sterling Silver Portion:

For everyday cleaning, lightly buff with a soft, polishing cloth or similar. For light tarnish, lightly buff using water and soap. To restore the finish from heavier tarnish, lightly wipe and rinse using a silver paste, baking soda paste, or even toothpaste.

General Caution:

Use care or remove your jewelry when working around bleach, chlorine, or other harsh chemicals. For longer-term storage, keep your jewelry in its cloth pouch. Do not wear your jewelry in a spa or sauna due to heat exposure. Do NOT use jewelry cleaner or dip for your keepsake jewelry!

Lost or damaged Jewelry?

If you lose or damage your jewelry, please contact us. Often we can repair or recoat finishes or even replace inclusion pieces using your keepsake materials we keep on permanent file. We want you to feel comfortable wearing your jewelry knowing if you were ever to damage or lose a piece we can help you restore your keepsake. Email us at